Orders are printed on demand in the order that they are received. Products are wrapped in a soft protective cover and placed into a hard plastic box. The hard plastic box is wrapped in a soft protective cover and placed inside one of our cardboard mailer boxes.


Pricing for shipping is based on the amount of product being shipped.


$0-$36 (or up to 8 models): $8 shipping

$37-$72 (or up to 16 models): $13 shipping

$73-$144 ( or up to 32 models): $17 shipping

$145+ ( or 33 models or more): $20 shipping


Standard sized models purchased in a quantity of eight or less will ship in our small shipping box. (7" x   4.5" x 2"

Standard sized models purchased in a quantity between nine and sixteen will ship in our large shipping box. (12" x 7.5" x 2.5" )

Medium-sized Models purchased in a quantity of two or less will ship in our small shipping box. (7" x 4.5" x 2") 

Medium Sized Models purchased in a quantity from three to eight will ship in our large shipping box. (12" x 7.5" x 2.5"

*The maximum storage for a large box is sixteen standard-sized models and two medium-sized models. 


All sales are final. However, we do understand that sometimes accidents happen and models may arrive broken. If your models have arrived damaged, we are deeply sorry. Please know that we have put a lot of care into our packaging to ensure this doesn't happen, and we will continue to perfect our packaging as time goes on. 

If you receive a broken model, please send an email to with a picture of the broken model(s) and a picture of your receipt. (screenshot or snip).


Once we have confirmed your order, we will offer you the choice of a free replacement, or a significant discount coupon on your next order. **

Please do not mail broken miniatures back to us. You are free to discard or attempt to repair and keep the broken model. We will still replace or credit your account. 

** We reserve the right to discontinue doing business with any individuals we believe are attempting to abuse this system. 

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